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DRINKWATER, John (1882-1937). Playwright and poet.
Autograph Manuscript of Drinkwater's notes for Pilgrim of Eternity: Byron, a Conflict. Cloth notebook, in a slip-case, 176 pages with some blanks, largely in ink in Drinkwater's characteristic small hand.

A comprehensive series of lengthy notes and text amounting virtually to the finished work (published by Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1925), culled from Drinkwater's extensive research, largely from printed sources, twenty-five of which are listed after the index.

The manuscript commences with an index listing the main sections, from 'Lovelace's Astarte' to 'Trelawny' by way of John Murray and Leigh Hunt with 'A note on Moore', followed (in pencil) with the seven main chapters of the book.

Drinkwater was a meticulous worker and allocated numbered pages in his notebook for the various sections. It would appear also that he took care to strike through each page in pencil as it was incorporated into the final version.
[No: 26000]

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