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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Letter Signed (at the head 'Charles R.'), addressed to the attorney general, 1½ pages folio with second leaf bearing endorsements, Whitehall, 22 April 1672. Countersigned at the foot by Henry Bennet, 1st earl of Arlington. Endorsed 'Warrant for a Grant of the Office of Keeper of ye Pallmall at St James to Mr Depuis [sic] & sons in reverc'ion'.

The game of pall-mall, or pell-mell, played with a mallet rather like croquet, was popular with the aristocracy in the 17th century, and a court had been laid out in part of St James's near to the royal palace and close to what is now the the road known as Pall Mall. Samuel Pepys described in his Diary having seen the duke of York playing the game, and Charles II was himself a regular player.

The present letter grants the rights and appurtenance of the office of keeper of the pall mall (or pallmall) to the three sons of Laurence Dupuy and settles on them the annual allowance of £100 and the use of a house or cottage.

'Whereas by Our Letters Patents of the 4th day of January in the 12 th year of Our Reigne Wee granted to Our trusty & Wellbeloved Laurence Dupuy servant to Our Dearest Brother the Duke of Yorke the Office of Keeper of Our pall mall in Our Parke commonly called St James Parke in Our County of Middlesex with the settled allowance of one hundred pounds sterlin p[er] annum and having received good satisfaction in the services of the said Laurence Dupuy as well in his said employment as in other parts of this duty Wee have thought fitt to signify Our Pleasure to you, and accordingly Our will & Pleasure is that you forth with prepare a Bill for Our Royall signature to passe the great seale, containing the Grant of the said Office & Custody of the pall mall to James Dupuy, Thomas Dupuy, Lawrence [sic] Dupuy the sonnes of the said Laurence Dupuy in revercon, next & immediately after the Determinac'on of the grant made to the said Laurence Dupuy to hold, exercise & enioy the said office to them the said James Dupuy, Thomas Dupuy, & Lawrence Dupuy & the survivors, or survivre of them, during Our Pleasure together witht the settled allowance of 100ll p[er] ann[um] the use & Benefitt of that house or lodge inhabited & made use of by the saide Laurence Dupuy as Keeper of Our pall mall from the time of the erection thereof, & intended by us for that service, and the little garden as now divided, scituate near the said pall mall, with all other advantages, and emoluments to the said Office & Custody belonging & any way appertaining. And for so doing this shall bee your warrant. Given att Our Court att Whitehall the 22th day of Aprill 1672.'

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