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The image shows part of one letter only.

ASQUITH, Lady Cynthia (d. 1960). Novelist and secretary to J.M. Barrie.
Four Autograph Letters Signed to the poet John Drinkwater, in all 5 pages 8vo and 3 pages 4to, Stanway, Cheltenham, and Sussex Place, Regents' Park, 20 April to 24 May 1935. Inviting him to contribute to the Princess Elizabeth Gift Book which she is to edit and which is to mark the silver jubilee of George V and is to be sold in aid of the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children.

'... I am trying to make it as good as possible and I should be so very, very grateful if you could contribute a poem. ... I enjoyed your Henry IV very much. ...'

Drinkwater, of course, was an actor as well as a poet.

'... Thank you very very much for the charming poem which I am delighted to have. Princess E. ought to be very pleased. ... I want to have all the contributors as they were when they were children. If you could send me anything of yourself taken before you were nine, which you would let me reproduce, I shall be most grateful.'

[No: 25887]

The image shows part of one letter only.

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