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BOULT, Sir Adrian (1889-1983). Orchestral conductor.
Typewritten Letter Signed with autograph superscript and subscript to Michael Dawney of Trinity and All Saints' Colleges in Leeds, 1½ pages 4to, 38 Wigmore Street, 31 December 1971. Answering questions about George [Butterworth] (1885-1916, composer and folk dancer), described as 'a rather silent, gruff person, quite amusing, and, as you will know, a brilliant folk dancer'.

Boult goes on to recall the first performance of the Shropshire Lad (composed by Butterworth in 1911 and 1912) conducted by Nikisch, where he sat next to George who informed him that he had mentioned several points to Nikisch who had taken them all on board. He recalls also having conducted the first performance of Butterworth's 'The Banks of Green Willow'.

The first performance of 'Banks of Green Willlow' conducted by the 24-year-old Adrian Boult on 27 February 1914 at West Kirby, Liverpool, is said to have been the conductor's first professional concert [Wikipedia].
[No: 25872]

The image is of the first page only.

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