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[BYRON, George Gordon, Lord (1788-1824). Poet.]
Collection of letters relating to Lord Byron.

Robert Tindall jnr.: Long and descriptive Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Wilson in Paris, 4 pages 4to including the address, 'Napoli de Romania', 22 November 1823. Detailing his travels and travails, quoting Byron (as sung in Greek with his companions in a tavern) and adding that 'Lord Byron I have not yet seen & do not know where he is. I am here quite alone, but I expect to see his Lordship or hear from him in a few days. ...' Probably to the notorious Harriette Wilson ('Mrs Q') (1786-1845, courtesan).

Charles Kemble: Autograph Letter Signed to Harness (probably William Harness (1790-1869) school friend of Byron), 1 page 4to (trimmed), offering him a box 'next to Mr Murray', 11 Park Place, St James's, 6 December 1836.

Sir John Murray (1851-1928): Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Harry', 4 pages 8vo, 50 Albemarle Street, 24 April 1902, about Byron letters, particularly those to Charles O. Gordon 'of which two are printed in my new edition of the works'.

Small black-bordered envelope addressed to 'Honble Mrs Leigh' at St James's Palace, postmarked 29 September 1847, containing the remains of an oak leaf with the note 'Leaf from the Oak Tree planted by Lord Byron on the Lawn at Newstead Abbey' on the inner flap.

Lady Anne Isabella Noel Blunt: early Autograph Letter Signed ('A.I. Noel') to Mrs Lehmann, 4 pages 8vo, Surrey Lodge, Lambeth, 19 July 1865, discussing her proposed journey and family news, asking her correspondent 'to forgive my stupid attempt at a letter today, the ink is excitable and always blot-threatening'.

Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, third marquess of Lansdowne (1780-1863, politician): Autograph Letter Signed to Stratford Canning at Constantinople, 4 page 4to, London, 20 March 1826. Written at the request of the archaeologist James Millingen (1776-1845), asking Canning to help Millingen's son, (who had originally left England in August 1823 with letters of introduction to Lord Byron whom he attended until the latter's death at Missolonghi, and had subsequently been taken prisoner by Ibrahim Pasha).

Francis Hodgson (1781-1852, provost of Eton and poet): Autograph Letter Signed to Henry Lawrence, barrister at law in Liverpool, 2 pages 4to with address-leaf, annotated on the first page in ink 'Provost of Eton. A friend of Lord Byron'.

Lady (Judith) Milbanke, mother of Anne Isabella Milbanke and Byron's mother-in-law): Autograph Letter Signed ('M.') to 'My dearest Love' [probably her husband], 2 pages 4to (worn in the folds), n.p, no date [watermark 1801], making several references to 'Annabella' and her health, the prospect of renting a house at Welbeck Street in London etc.

Thomas Medwin (1788-1869, writer and biographer): Autograph Letter Signed to G[eorge] Bentley, 1 page 8vo with address (second leaf inlaid), British Museum, no date, asking for a copy of his own 'Conversations' (i.e. Conversations of Lord Byron, 1824), and explaining that he had only ever possessed one copy.

John Gully (1783-1863, prize-fighter, racehorse owner, politician and friend of Lord Byron): Autograph Letter Signed to Nicholas Torre, 1 page 4to, Ackworth Park, 16 January 1833, granting his request.

John Cam Hobhouse (later Baron Broughton 1786-1869, politician and close friend of Lord Byron): Intriguing Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 3 pages 8vo, Lambton Hall, Durham, 21 October no year

'... As to what you say relative to the memory of Lord Byron I see no triumph & I apprehend none gained or to be gained against him. It appears to me that for the present it would be as well to contradict nothing of the many falsehoods already told - but wait till folly & malice and cupidity have run out. Then will be our turn.

 Can you guess at the author on the article in the London Magazine? The writer or the informer must have been in Greece. ...'

With Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo, 6 Albany Court, no date, declining a proffered ticket to a festival, and a further hasty note from Hobhouse to Edward Hobhouse.

Charles John Shore, Second Baron Teignmouth (1796-1885, politician): Autograph Letter Signed to his brother Frederick in Calcutta, 4 pages folio including address, London, 24 October 1831. A very long a detailed letter of family and politican news, including a graphic account of the riots following the rejection by the House of Lords of the Reform Bill of 1831.

'... I am reading now a book which interest me exceedingly, Moore's Life of Byron: it is written with fairness, & exhibits the misery of a mind abandoned to scepticism & passion so completely that it will supply, I trust, a corrective to the poison of discontent, misanthropy & infidelity which so deeply infects his delicious poetry. ...'

John Byron (1723-1786, Admiral; grandfather of Lord Byron): Autograph Letter Signed to Sykes, 1 page 4to with endorsed second leaf, Pirbright, 29 June 1784, sending an affidavit and expressing pleasure that Sykes is happy with the horse, etc.

Sophia Byron (d. 1790, wife of Admiral John Byron and grandmother of Lord Byron): Autograph cheque payable to Messrs Lynn & Sharpe for Admiral Byron's account in the sum of £17, Grosvenor Square, 22 September 1780.

Edward Augustus, second earl of Aldborough (1733/4-1801): Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Carlisle (Frederick Howard, fifth earl, (1748-1825), Byron's legal guardian), 1 page 4to, 8 June no year, berating him (not untypically it seems) for a supposed slight, and enunciating in some details the qualities of his forebears.

Letters of Henry, Lord Brougham (3), Sir George Sinclair, and William Cunningham, and an account in French (with translation), ca 1835 of Greek pirates, with reference to the fight for Greek independence.
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