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BYRON, Anne Isabella Milbanke, Lady (1792-1860). Wife of Lord Byron.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to the Revd George Armstrong (1791-1857, Unitarian minister), in all 3¼ pages 8vo, Brighton and Regents Park, 1 April and 12 July 1856. In the earlier letter, she impugns the genuineness of 'those lines' ('It is difficult to prove a negative however'), and declares, intriguingly, that she does not believe that 'any Lady was authorized to write the life'.

The second letter emphatically denies that the 'lines' came from 'any Lady of the respectability of the one named in your letter'.

Byron forgeries are not rare. The self-styled 'Major Byron' who claimed to be the natural son of Byron, contributed both poems and letters to the field. Lady Caroline Lamb forged a letter from Byron to herself with the purpose of acquiring a portrait of Byron. The identity of the lady referred to in these letters is unknown.

George Armstrong was a vociferous opponent of slavery, as was Lady Byron.
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The image shows one page only.

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