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MAZZINI, Giuseppe (1805-1872). Italian patriot.
Autograph Letter Signed in English, probably to the Revd George Armstrong (1791-1857, Unitarian minister), 1½ pages 8vo, Cromwell Lodge, Old Brompton Road, 'Thursday' no date. Thanking Armstrong for the book he had sent, acknowledging their mutual beliefs, and remarking on the letter Armstrong had written to that other proponent of political freedom in Europe, [Lajos] Kossuth.

'... Whether he will or not acknowledge it is a matter of time; but I feel sure that once away from your shores and ... on the wider sea, he will think of its contents and profit by them. ...'
'... We are moving on the same path, and endeavouring to re-link Earth to Heaven by substituing a truly devoted religious spirit to all worship ... .'

A lengthy postcript on the reverse begs support for a follower of Kossuth, Hadrian ?Lemure, and requests an introduction to Mr Chapman in America.
[No: 25802]

The image shows the first page only.

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