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MOORE, Thomas (1779-1852). Poet.
Collection of twenty-three Autograph Letters Signed, all but one unpublished; an autograph music manuscript and related material, 1822 to 1847 where dated.

Only one of these letters appears in the two-volume edition of The Letters, ed. W.S. Dowden (1964) and none are to be found in The Unpublished Letters of Thomas Moore, ed. Jeffery W. Vail, 2 vols.(2013).

Dated letters

Autograph Letter Signed to his music publisher [James] Power, 2 pages 4to with address-leaf, incorporating his ballad 'She has beauty ...', 'Wednesday' / 13 August 1822 [a Tuesday].
Dowden pages 204-5 [from Lord John Russell: Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence], omitting the extensive editing of the second stanza of the poem, and the postscript.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Charlemont (Francis William Caulfield, Second Earl of Charlemont, 1775-1863), 1 page 4to with address-leaf, 'Powers' 3 oclock' no date, [watermark 1814], explaining the delicacy of his position in respect of a forthcoming dinner, and that he would be put in the position of being unable to refuse to take part if Charlemont were to take the chair, adding that 'I doubt whether it would be fair either to myself or to you, not to add that I fear your declining to take the Chair would be (particularly after O'Connel's [sic] moderate declaration in today's Freeman) highly unpopular'. Not in Dowden. Moore was evidently on good terms with the Charlemonts (he was an Irish peer) and something of an admirer of Lady Charlemont. They are mentioned from time to time in his Journal.

Autograph Letter Signed to a stranger ['J ?Aicken Esq' ('I know not whether I am right as to gender') at the East Lothian Bank, Dunbar, 1 page 4to with the song 'The turf shall be my fragrant shrine', five stanzas, the final two perhaps removed with the lower portion of the leaf, thanking him (?her) for his letter and for his interest in Moore's family, and telling him, in answer to his 'flattering enquiries' that 'we have had three daughters, but, I grieve to say, only one of them remains to us. The name of the eldest (who is dead) was Barbara - of the other Olivia Byron - my friend Lord Byron having been her god-father. Our only living little girl is near six years of age, and called Anastasia after my mother. Mrs Moore is an English woman, and has a sister, Miss Dyke, whom you may possible have seen in Scotland. The little boy, whose birth has lately been announced, was christened last Saturday "Thomas Lansdowne Parr" ...' Unpublished but mentioned by Moore in his Journal [see Russell, vol. ii, page 239, under the date of 13 December 1818]

Autograph Letter Signed to Denny Branigan in Kingston, Jamaica, 1 page 4to with address on the verso, no place, 27 April 1820, regretting that he would not see him '& your Eliza' in the near future, adding that 'I am here [France] in exile, and that the Villiamils were coming to dine. The Villiamils had bought a house in the suburb of Sevres, Paris, and provided the Moores with 'a beautiful little Pavillon' [see Moore's letter to Samuel Rogers, Dowden, 485-6].

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Sir', 1 page 8vo (a little soiled), 28 January 1822, sending a 'National Melody', asking for '[Henry] Bishop's other work, and announcing that 'Lallah Rookh arrived quite safe'.

Autograph Letter Signed to William Abbot (perhaps the actor William Abbot, 1790-1843), 1 page 8vo (mounted), Sloperton Cottage, 18 April 1827, concerning pirated editions of his Melodies and Powers's failure to take action, and referring the a pamphlet of [William Lisle] Bowles.

Autograph Letter Signed to Alfred Fellowes, 1 page 4to with address-leaf, Bath, 15 January 1828, telling him of his plan to travel to Bakewell by way of Birmingham and Nottingham, and his hopes of spending time with Colonel Wildman and William Musters.

Autograph Letter Signed to the Revd Henry Drury (1778-1841, classical scholar and headmaster of Harrow Lower School), ½-page 4to with address-leaf, 24 May 1828, a brief letter arranging a visit.

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Drury, 1 page 8vo with address-leaf, 'Sunday Morning / Seven oClock'; he is sorry to hear of Drury's indisposition, and hopes to learn that he has recovered.

Autograph Letter Signed to John Pearson in Nottingham, 1 page 4to with address-leaf franked by John Benett, [MP of 19 Albemarle Street], Sloperton Cottage, 20 June 1828, thanking him for a packet ('The letters concerning the will are highly curious'), and asking a question:
'... Have you any idea who it is that writes "the Byroniana" that appear, from time to time, in the Literary Gazette? I am happy to perceive that, though he has been evidently on the search in your neighbourhood, no very great stores of information have as yet been opening to him. ...'

Autograph Letter Signed (initials) on a fragment (but evidently complete) to 'My dear Sir', ½-page 8vo, docketed as received on 24 February 1829, sending the hopeless news of his dying daughter [Anastasia].

Autograph Letter Signed to Edward Moore, 1 page 4to with address-panel separate (glue stains to the verso), 6 July 1832, giving a convoluted and amusing reason for not having been one of his party, and suggesting that he 'show this to Bryan'.

Autograph Letter Signed to [James] Corry, 1 page 8vo (signature excised but present), Bear Inn, 'Wednesday', no date [watermark apparently 1833]. Confusion about a dinner with Scott [?], and inviting the Corrys to stay.

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir', ½-page 4to (oblong, mounted), Sloperton, 1 January 1835, looking foward to receiving the 'dedicated poem'.

Autograph Letter Signed to hs bankers Messrs Locke, Hughes and Saunders of Devizes, ½-page 16mo, 9 June 1835, a note asking them to send him the balance of his account. Financial calculations at the foot presumably provided by the recipients.

Letter Signed to 'My dear Eliza' [?Branigan], 1 page 8vo with address-leaf '[Mrs ?Swinden / at Mrs Whites / 14 Duke Street'], splits in folds, and lower panel of address-leaf absent, London, 30 September [postmark 1 October 1835]:
'... Did you receive the lines that I wrote for your book, I cannot undertake another bridal ode, for I might write the lines but I could not express myself in cold rhyme as I would wish ...'

Autograph Letter Signed probably to Charles Greville, a clerk to the Council Office Whitehall, who arranged franking signatures for some of Moore's correspondence, 1 page 8vo with blank leaf, Sloperton, 28 August 1837. Asking him for two favours 'both foreign & domestic', enclosing a letter for a poet in Paris ('poorer even than myself') [probably J.W. Lake], etc.

Autograph Letter Signed to William Longman, 1 page 8vo with address-leaf, Sloperton, 18 September 1839, sending information [illegible] for urgent transmission to Mr Jones.

Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Monteagle (Thomas Spring Rice, first baron, 1790-1866), 1 page 8vo with blank leaf, Bowood, 6 August 1842, thanking him for his help in the matter of a letter to Smith, eulogising the embrocation which had relived the pain in his arm and enabled his journey, and saying that the only other guests [with the Lansdownes] were Lord and Lady John Russell.

Autograph Letter (third person) to the Revd C. Bathurst Woodman, ½-page 8vo, Sloperton, 18 January 1845, regretting that he could not comply with his request - 'the Manuscripts he has of Lord Byron's being almost all written over entirely so as not to leave any parts that could be detached without injuring the manuscript.'

Autograph Letter Signed to [James] Corry, 1 page 8vo, Sloperton, 21 May 1847, lavishly thanking him for his hospitality:
'I have hardly yet had time to awake from the gay and couleur-derose visions which you so kindly got up for me at Cheltenham. Merely to have seen such a City of Palaces [?Cheltenham!] was, in itself a delight to me ...'

Undated letters

Autograph Letter Signed to the Marchioness of Lansdowne, 1 page 8vo with address-leaf, Sloperton, 'Monday', no year, regarding a memorandum book which he believes he had left behind [at Bowood] 'if not in my own little snuggery [it] must have hid itself in one of the volumes of "Lodges Illustrations" which I was making extracts from'.

Autograph Letter Signed (initials) to [James] Corry, 1 page 16mo, no place, no date, thanking him for his efforts 'in your Cheltenham verses', and expressing relief that he had himself now 'retired from the Field of Verse'; together with an Autograph Letter Signed from Corry to Miss Fitzmaurice presenting the letter.

Autograph Letter Signed to [Sir Martin Archer] Shee (1769-1850, portrait painter and president of the Royal Academy), 1 page 4to, Hornsey, Middlesex, 'Friday', no date, thanking him for the honour conferred on him, and asking the date of the dinner.

Music manuscript of the song 'Oh! thou, who dry'st the mourner's tears, 3 pages 4to on two separate sheets, music by Joseph Haydn and the words (of the first stanza only) in Moore's hand, 36 bars on three staves (eight bars introduction on two staves), some soiling; old tape repairs to the ends of splits in the folds; headed 'July 31' probably in another hand, and minuted at the foot by the publisher 'proofs sent August 5/15 to Thos Moore'.

Edward Raleigh Moran (fl.) 1827-1836, writer). Autograph collection of 'Letters / From Thomas Moore to Leigh Hunt / published in the Tatler daily penny Periodical in January 1831 in a series of Articles reviewing Moore's "Letters and Journals of Lord Byron" / Hunt was the Editor of the Tatler'; manuscript and press cuttings on c. 120 pages including blanks, 4to, some irregularly numbered, with some correspondence of Moore and Moran; Phillipps Manuscript 16786, described in the Middle Hill Catalogue as 'Edward Moran's Collections for the life of Thomas Moore, the Poet. Printed, with Moran's MSS. Notes sm. 4to. ch. s. xix'. Middle Hill boards, Iveagh stamp (1894) to the verso of the upper cover, pencilled notes on the first page including '2 vols', although apparently complete in itself.

Transcript in an unidentified neat calligraphic hand of The Poetical Works of the Late Thomas Little Esqre [i.e. Thomas Moore], Fourteenth Edition, 1821, on paper watermarked 1809, 107 pages 4to, ¼-leather, rather worn, with some contents loose. First published in 1801.


Autograph note signed by Thomas Lansdown Parr Moore (1818-1846, son of the poet) 'To my father - as a souvenir of Falaise from his affectionate son / Thomas Moore jr.', dated from the Chateau de Falaise, 22 August 1837. Moore (senior) had arranged for M. Bertrand, professor of Greek at the University of Paris, for Tom to stay with him in Caen en pension at 100-120 francs per month. Bertrand had previously translated some of Moore's poems into French.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir James Mackintosh (1765-1832, political writer) to Lord Alloway, enquiring as to whether it would be possible to get asylum for Thomas Moore in Scotland in view of his financial ruin, 2 pages 8vo with annotation, Mardocks, 22 August ['1819' in another hand].

Autograph Letter Signed from an unidentified correspondent to John Brown, 3 pages 4to, Belfast, 19 August 1808, criticising Moore's poems as too slight for a quarto volume.

Provenance: the collection of R. Derek Wise (1925-2012), president of the Byron Society 1989-1996.
[No: 25796]

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