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FORTESCUE, Sir John (1533-1607). Elizabethan administrator.
Document Signed, with an autograph note, as chancellor of the exchequer, 1 page 4to (a little stained at the edges), September 1597. Authorising the payment of expenses to a messenger for riding 'in hast' to Ware in Hertfordshire on official business.

'Mensis ['Janu' apparently deleted] Septembris Anno R. Regnie Eliz. Tricesimo Nono 1597 ['6' deleted].
Bennett Blumefield one of the messengers of her Ma[jesties] chamber asketh allowaunce for ridinge in hast at the comaundmm[en]t of the right h[onorable] Sir John Fortescue knight from his house at the wardrobe in London to Mr Fanchewe [Fanshaw] to his house at Ware and here to him d[elivere]d l[ett]res for her Ma[jesty's] service and so retourned againe to his house at London ... wherefore the said Bennett prayeth to have allowaunce for his charges and paynes to be rated by the right h[onorable] Sir John Fortescue and paid by one of the tellers of her ma[jesty's] Exchequer.
[in the margin] xiijs iiijd [thirteen shillings and four pence] / Fiat allocatio de tresdecem solid: quatuor denari /JFortescue'

A further note at he foot authorises the payment.

Thomas Fanshawe (ca 1533-1601, exchequer official) had bought the estate of Ware Park in 1575. He was buried in the south aisle of Ware church.
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