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LOCKER-LAMPSON, Frederick (1821-1895). Poet.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lionel [Holland], 4 pages 8vo (the word 'Elwin' in another hand on the last page), NewHaven Court, Cromer, 19 August 1892. Declining an offer to publish some of his 'Recollections'.

'... you must know that they were only written for my children, & those that may come after them - & tho' there is nothing in them that I shd. mind being known, I am sure they are much too much about myself, & altogether too personal, & ought not to appear in my life time.
 'The Volume is in the same strain throughout, & could not be divided. ...
 'If you see Andrew Lang, who read a good deal of it, I am sure he Wd. see it as I do. ...'

Lionel Raleigh Holland (1865-1936) was the youngest son of Henry Holland, 1st Viscount Knutsford. He became a member of parliament in 1895.
[No: 25766]

The image is of the fourth page only.

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