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The budget for the British forces in India, 1785

GEORGE III (1738-1820). King of the United kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Document Signed (three times), 13 pages large folio (470 x 270 mm. (18½ x 10½ inches), given at St James's, 28 February 1786. The pages slightly trimmed at the inner margin, touching the ends of some words, loosely attached with old adhesive tape, upper cover (detached) with label 'East Indies 1785' and last page strengthened with brown tape.

The document comprises three parts, each signed at the head by the king and at the end by three lords of the treasury, J[ohn] Buller, [James] Graham (later third duke of Montrose) and John (later Sir John) Aubrey.

1.   The Establishment of the forces serving the the East Indies from 25 December 1784 to 25 December 1785. Listing the Regiments (Light Dragoons, commanded by Sir John Burgoyne; six Regiments and two Battalion of Foot), each occupying one page, giving the allowances and pay for each category of officer and soldier.
  'Abstract of the Charge of the foregoing Establishment', 1 page folio, giving a grand total of £195,103 6s 10¾d.

2.   'Regulation of Subsistence to be paid to every officer and Soldier on the foregoing Establishment', in which each category of officer and soldier is listed with two columns, for dragoons and foot soldiers, giving the daily rates of subsistence allowance, dragoons receiving the larger amount.

3.  'Establishment and Regulation of Allowances', summarizing the previous page by troop, regiment and company.
It is not clear why the document should have been signed as late as February 1786 when it refers to the expenses settled upon for the previous year.
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