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ANSDELL, Richard (1815-1885). Animal painter.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to [Philip] Westcott (1815-1878, painter), 3 pages 8vo, 'Tavistock London', 5 June ['1842' added in another hand, probably accurately]. Describing the great work on which he was engaged, almost certainly Country Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Bristol.

'... I'm painting portraits here so much a head all shapes and sizes, but more thick ones than other. All the day I'm quite occupied taking these customers that I'm afraid much against my inclination I shall not be able to go with you. I have sometimes 5 sitters in a day and I have to get the picture done by about the end of July - and I have not yet began it so you see what a Devil of a mess I'm in - the picture is 15 feet long [acutally it is 16 feet?] I'm about to get a railway to go from one end to the other. ... I should like to go to the Exhibition with you; they have behaved very well to me this time in placing my picture in a splendid situation ... I'm painting in 12 Hanover Sq - a slap up place - no damn'd back street - and nothing but Lords sit now I think I shall give up taking commoners and do nothing but Lords. ...'

Country Meeting, now in the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, contains no fewer than 125 portraits of landowners.

Philip Wescott collaborated with Ansdell in some of his work.
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