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A visit to the Tennyson on the Isle of Wight

GATTY, Margaret (1809-1873). Writer for children and on natural history.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Thompson, 4 pages 8vo, Farringford House, I[sle] of Wight, 16 March 1863. Written during a visit to Tennyson ('I think you may like to have a line from the great man's house').
Sending news of Stephen's improving health ('he is very thin but has no cough whatever & gets perceptibly stronger'); her own travel plans; their visits to the shore to collect seaweed; sending specimens ('not having my microscope here I cannot examine them accurately'); and describing the celebrations surrounding the wedding [of the Prince of Wales] the previous week, torchlight processions etc.
'... Mr. & Mrs. Tennyson are going today to leave cards & write their name in the visitors book at Osborne! We were to have gone to Carisbrook on the road with them. But the day turned so cold we did not go. Mr. Tennyson was asked to the Royal Wedding but the letter came too late - the Lord Chamberlain having sent it to Mr. Tennyson's publisher in London very stupidly. ...
 'There was a dance & supper at Mr. Tennyson's but this was the day before we arrived.'

Tennyson was an admirer of Margaret Gatty, and she visited him several times. She published a History of British Seaweeds in 1863.
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