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JAMES, Montague Rhodes (1862-1936). Antiquary, palaeographer & writer of ghost stories.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Poole, 3½ pages 8vo, County Family Hotel, Salisbury, 21 July, no year. Evidently to Rachael Emily Poole, Née Malleson (1860-1937, historian of portraiture and wife of Reginald Lane Poole (1857-1939, historian, keeper of the [Oxford] University Archives )).

Describing his 'circuit labours' [?visiting libraries], and promising to visit her in Oxford.

'... I could also tell you a great many interesting agricultural facts, - who has the best bit of wheat and the best bit of mangold which we have seen yet - how the parsnips are getting on in Mr Harding's garden at Brixton Deverill - what progress has been made in the building operations at Prospect Farm in Monxton and many other similar matters: but I spare you. I have seen one really beautiful & interesting place - the Moot at Downton near Sarum - an Anglosaxon parliament-place made into a lovely garden: and a good saxon church at Breamore. ... I sent a brochure to the Keeper of the Archives: but don't, please, let him spend time in acknowledging it.'

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The image is of one page only.

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