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CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Spencer (1874-1965).
A group of nine informal photographs of Churchill from the papers of Sir William Deakin (1913-2005), Churchill's literary assistant and close friend. Together with two wartime telegrams (received copies) from Churchill to Deakin, a reproduction photograph of Clementine Churchill and a brief letter to Deakin from Gillian Maturin, one of Churchill's secretaries, 25 May 1956.
The photographs, probably mostly unpublished (one a later copy) would appear to date from the early post-war years and principally show Churchill at leisure in France, being greeted on arrival by Silver city Airways, or painting. These would probably have been taken by Deakin himself. One photograph shows Churchill on a formal occasion, probably in London with various dignitaries or officials, Deakin among them.

One of the telegrams (carbon flimsy), dated 29 June 1944, is a note of thanks. The other, handwritten by a clerk, dated 27 November 1944 [the year in another hand, probably Deakin's], is more personal and headed 'Top Secret'. This dates from the time when Deakin who had earlier been parachuted into Yugoslavia to assist Tito's partisans and had been wounded there was the head of SOE's Yugoslav section in Cairo: 'It is very nice to see your name in a telegram. I hope all is well with you. Shall be glad to have news.' Not evidently top secret.
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