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MILNE, Alan Alexander (1882-1956). Novelist and playwright.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to John Drinkwater ('My dear John'), 2 pages small 4to, 13 Mallord Street, Chelsea, 20 October 1931. Thanking him for his autobiography (Inheritance), sending a work of his own, and discoursing at length on his own background.

'... You have made me envy you your inheritance, which I didn't think to do, for, having less family background than any man living, I have never felt the want of it. ... what I do envy you is your family estates of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. I should like to have a county or two of my own. Where you grandfather came from Aberdeen, and your father was born in Jamaica, and your mother's people were Derbyshire, and you were born in London, it is difficult to put a finger on just what you have inherited.

 '... my ancestors didn't drive coaches or keep pubs. (I think they were stone-masons. I see them chipping the local granite in Aberdeenshire). ... Autumn is passed with us to the gentle thud of pears, and there is no noise like it. And since you are keen on starlings, tell me what bird they are imitating (for it is a humorous imitation, I'm sure) when they say "Bir - die -Swe-e-e-et". This is no part of their ordinary chatter; they are just being funny about some other bird they don't like. ...'

Milne concludes by announcing his departure the follwoing day for New York, and rather enigmatically adds 'Meanwhile, thank you for the passport to Hoover's heart and ?Page's pancreas. ...'
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