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LAWRENCE, Sir Thomas (1769-1830). Painter and draughtsman.
Series of five Autograph Letters Signed to Horace Twiss (1787-1849, lawyer and politician), 12 pages 8vo, Russell Square etc., 1828 where dated, but one on paper with watermark. 1811. An unusually (for Lawrence) revealing and friendly correspondence.
Thanking Twiss for 'an elegant little work', which he intends to gift to his sister ('I like the Preface more on reading it than I did on hearing it - not that Mr Dangle read it. Were you contented with yourself on Friday ... "You are not reely spiteful" ah! a groan from Parson Adams. ...'); extending an evening invitation ('I am very much gratified and oblig'd by your proposing to me this pleasure'); expressing the hope of seeing Miss Twiss or if she is absent 'my very intimate Female Friend who can direct me in the character of the Head Dress?

'... I cannot resist the Julius Caesar. My dining Room is fill'd with Plasters and I am compelld to dine in my Painting Room; but I can assure you that all of noxious in it, arises from the dust of its lumber ...'

In 1828 in a lengthy letter with some autograph amendments Lawrence declines payment for a picture:
'I have the fullest sense of both your friendly and gentlemanly feelings on this subject, as I likewise have the truest respect for that enduring affection, which makes the loss you have suffer'd still so difficult to be borne; but all the pleasure that I have hitherto had and promis'd myself in the hope of giving comfort in this distress, would now wholly vanish, as be remember'd with vexation, could I receive the pecuniary payment for it that you so delicately offer. ... It is probably unknown to you, that I have chosen to give a sort of artificial value to my drawings, by in no instance in my professional Life receiving other payment for them, than the gratification of my personal Friends. ...'

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