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LOCKWOOD, Sir Frank (1846-1897). Lawyer & Liberal politician.
Album of sketches and letters, 21 items in all, 1885-1894.
i)  7 caricatures drawn by Lockwood, including a pen-and-ink caricature of Gladstone and Sir Stafford Northcote captioned 'A Majority of 14 only having been obtained on the Vote of Censure on Gladstones Government', signed and dated 2 March 1885; a pen-and-ink caricature of 'Sparrow v. Bodega Company. Before Hawkins J.', signed and dated 2 February 1885; a pen-and-ink sketch of the judge Henry Hawkins, signed with initials and dated 7 February 1888; a pencil sketch of Lord Coleridge and another of a judge's head on a dog's body, both signed and dated 16 January 1890; a pen-and-ink sketch of a judge, highlighted in red and captioned 'A Ruby from the Emerald Isle', signed with initials and dated May 1888; and a pen-and-ink sketch of three judges' heads, captioned 'The Judges of the Commission', in an autograph letter signed by Lockwood of ?16 November 1887 (most sketches on leaves removed from an album; some with traces of mounting on the verso and browned at the edges).

ii)   10 letters to Lockwood, including an autograph letter signed by Lord Rosebery, 3 pages 8vo, 7 June 1892 ('I little thought ... that a political fox was gnawing at your vitals and nibbling at your aching heart.') and an autograph letter signed by Harry Furniss as Lika Joko, 1 page 8vo, 3 November 1893 (with a caricature); the remaining correspondents are the Punch cartoonist Linley Sambourne, the actor Squire Bancroft, the politicians G.O. Trevelyan, Wilfrid Lawson, Henry James and John Holker (with a pencil sketch on the verso of a judge's head - probably of Holker by Lockwood), and the playwright Arthur Pinero; 1880-94.

iii)  Four four-line whips (for the Customs and Inland Revenue Bill, the Government of Ireland Bill, and the rejection of the Irish Coercion Bill) and a three-line whip (for the Tithes Bill), all sent by Arnold Morley as chief Liberal whip under Gladstone (1886-92).

As a lawyer, Lockwood is best known for leading the prosecution against Oscar Wilde in 1895. From his early days at the bar he had drawn sketches of judges and witnesses, and he continued sketching after entering the Commons in 1885 as MP for York. His drawings were popular and appeared regularly in Punch; some of his sketches were published in 1898 in the Frank Lockwood Sketch Book.
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