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NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820-1910). Reformer of nursing.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent [?Sir Henry Storks], 1½ pages 4to with integral blank, 22 Albemarle Street, 9 February 1856.
Arranging a suitable time for a meeting ('As you are in harness now, for which I take leave to congratulate the cart, viz. our poor country, I do not know what hour will suit you'), enclosing a piece of writing she wishes to discuss, and thanking him for his papers on 'Wives & Canteens'.

Nightingale warns the recipient that a certain gentleman will be mentioned at the meeting ('Lamarmora having the highest opinion of him & not being shy of saying so - If you will take the trouble of reading the enclosed, or if you would let the individual wait upon you, I would tell you more about him. ...').

The army officer Sir Henry Knight Storks (1811-1874), a supporter of Nightingale's during the Crimean War, may well be the recipient. He oversaw the final British withdrawal from Turkey at the end of war, and at the time Nightingale wrote this letter had been recently appointed at the War Office as Secretary for Military Correspondence (which would explain the reference to his new official post).

Nightingale's mention of 'Lamarmora' refers to the Italian general Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora (1804-1878), who was commander of the Sardinian forces sent to the Crimea to support the British and French armies.
[No: 25471]

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