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HUXLEY, Thomas Henry (1825-1895). Biologist.
Autograph Letter Signed to the Rev. ?G.Bainton, 4 pages 8vo, 4 Marlborough Place, Abbey Road (embossed heading), 30 September 1887.
Recommending various books to help him 'work out a thorough knowledge of Hume & his philosophy', and remarking that 'the undertaking you propose to yourself is not a light one - Descartes, Berkeley & Hume are the fathers of modern thought'.

Huxley recommends John Hill Burton's Life of Hume (1846), which 'gives an excellent view of the man - and tells all that is known about him', Green and Grose's 1874 edition of A Treatise on Human Nature (a 'storehouse' of 'minute criticism'), Friedrich Jodl's Leben und Philosophie David Hume's (1872) ('well worth reading'), and Leslie Stephen's English Thought in the Eighteenth Century, which 'of course should be carefully studied'.

Huxley's own work on the life and philosophy of David Hume had been published in 1879 as part of John Morley's English Men of Letters series.
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The image is of the last page only.

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