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CHAIN, Sir Ernst Boris (1906-1979). Biochemist. Co-winner of the Nobel Prize with Fleming & Florey.
Catalogue of the Pasteur Exhibition at the Science Museum, London 1947, signed on the upper cover in ink (a little faintly) by Chain ('E Chain'). The lower cover has copious notes in an unidentified hand of a lecture given by Chain at the Science Museum on 19 May 1947 (''), covering topics such as fermentation, diseases of wine and beer and work on various diseases.
The catalogue 21 x 135 mm. (ca 8½ x 5¼ inches), 36 pages in a blue-grey cover (a little worn).
Chain's writing rarely appears on the market, only three letters (as a group) having appeared in the last thirty years or so.
[No: 25464]

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