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HOBY, Edward (1560-1617). Politician, diplomat and collector.
Autograph draft of a letter to Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury, 1 page folio, Blackfriars 16 November 1605. Endorsed 'To th erle of Salisburie / 9r. 16. 1605.' Asking him to order a new bill to grant him the tithes of Rochester cathedral as the existing order has been incorrectly drafted.
'My very good Lo[rd] I was yesterdaye informed from Mr Atturny, that the letters pattente are very defectife, w[hi]ch I had from the kinges Ma[jes]tie because that in my graunte, the wordes were, Collegium Roffen, and the ('words of the' - deleted) foundation is Ecclesia Cathedralis Roffen, whereby the Church refuseth to pay such tenthes unto me, as his Ma[jes]ties pleasure was to assigne, and that if Mr Atturny had any warrant, he would by a newe bill mend the errors of my former graunt. My moste humble sute to you[ur] Lo[rdship] is that you would be pleased, to write your letter unto him, for the drawing of such a Bill, and I shall thinke my selfe very much bounde, to you[r] good Lo[rdship] for the same, as I have good cause allreddy to doe, for many yo[ur] former favors, I would have wayted uppon yo[ur] Lo[rdship] my selfe but that in this ('troblesome and'- deleted) busye tyme, I ('thought if not so fit'- deleted) thought I should by be a troble, and so w[i]th my moste humble deutye remembered I reste / Yo[ur] Lo[rdship's] most bounde / Edw Hoby.
 Blacke Fryers the 16th of November.'
There are several other alterations to the text of this letter, the original 'sent' version of which is in the Cecil Papers at Hatfield House. The present draft is a fine example of seventeenth-century letter-writing practices, and it is uncommon to find the draft version of a letter which has survived in its final form.
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