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BOURDELLE, Antoine (1861-1929). French sculptor and painter.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to the art critic Armand Dayot, 6 pages 4to and 8vo with one envelope, Paris, 13 June 1912 and 12 February 1923.
In the first letter suggesting that towards the end of June he should come and look at the marble statues Bourdelle has made for the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, of which he does not yet have any good photographs, describing how he is constantly obliged to dash from one studio to another to supervise and finish the work on them, and noting that he has not yet been able to find a copy of Louis Bouilhet's Les Colombes which Dayot had recommended to him; in the second sending three good photographs of a figure of Liberty and two of a 'Faune Chevrier', which he however dismisses as 'plus un amusement qu'un travail important; cette ouvre touche à l'art baroque que je n'aime pas et qui est périmé'; together with an autograph envelope addressed to Dayot, on which Bourdelle notes that he will send a drawing along the lines of 'Isadora Duncan d'après Miss Yvonne Daunt de l'Opéra'.

Armand Dayot (1851-1934), an art historian and critic, was Minister of the Arts in Léon Gambetta's government and inspector-general of fine arts. He published numerous works on French art and sculpture, and the photographs to which Bourdelle refers in his second letter were evidently for use as plates in one of these volumes.
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The image is of one page only.

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