ELIOT, George. Mary Ann Lewes, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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ELIOT, George. Mary Ann Lewes (1819-1880). Novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed ('M A Cross') to Lady Holland, 1 page 8vo in characteristic purple ink, The Heights, Witley, Godalming, 'Tuesday', no date. Accepting an invitation and adding that 'Mr Cross will equip himself for tennis'.
George Eliot and Gorge Henry Lewes bought The Heights in late 1876, but they enjoyed only two summers there together before Lewes's death in 1878. George Eliot had eventually married J W Cross, a New York banker then living in England, who had found the Witley house for them. This is the story as related in the (old) Dictionary of National Biography
'A marriage with Mr. Cross was arranged in April 1880, and was celebrated at Street George's, Hanover Square, on 6 May. They made a tour on the continent, during which her health was remarkably good, returning at the end of July. The English fogs tried her. After staying some time at Witley Mr. and Mrs. Cross came to London, 3 December 1880, to occupy a house at 4 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea. She caught a chill at a concert on Saturday, 18 December, her powers rapidly failed, and she died with little pain 22 December 1880.'

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