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BOLINGBROKE, Henry St John, 1st Viscount (1678-1751). Statesman.
Document Signed ('H St John'), 2 pages folio, Whitehall, 5 April 1712. Approving the expenses incurred by Francis Palmes, envoy to the Courts of Vienna and Turin between 28 December 1710 and 12 August 1711.
Listed expenses include 'postage of letters ... Intelligence of all sorts ... stationary ware' [sic] and 'his Journy from Vienna to London, which he undertook at the instance of the Earl of Peterborow ... Charges of bringing home his goods ... '
Bolingbroke pleads Palmes's case, noting that 'Mr Palmes did come into England at the instance of the Earl of Peterborow for her Maj[es]ty's Service, and the sum of one hundred fifty eight pounds charged for that Journey seems to me not unreasonable. ... As to the Fifth Article, Mr Palmes was in England at the time her Maj[es]ty was pleased to signify to the Court of Vienna his being recalled, and his Equipage, Goods and Servants being then at Vienna, it is reasonable he should be allowed the expense of their Return ...'Bolingbroke writes as Secretary of State for the northern [i.e. foreign] department.
 The original cancellation tear, common to almost all treasury documents of the period, has been neatly and professionally repaired, with the loss of a few letters only at the beginning of five lines.
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