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HENRY VIII (1491-1547). King of England and Ireland.
Attractive Document Signed, ('Henry R' at the head) on vellum, ca 145 x 175 mm. (5½ x 6½ inches) with papered seal, Greenwich, 26 June 4 Henry VIII [1512]. Addressed to Sir Andrew Wyndesor, keeper of the great wardrobe, ordering an outfit for one Christopher Vincent 'marshall of our hall'.

'Henry R By the king

'We woll and charge you that ye delivre or doo to bee delivred unto o[u]r trusty and welbiloved s[er]vaunte xtrofer vyncent m[ar]shall of o[u]r hall these p[ar]celles following furst fyftene yerde of blake damaske for a gowne and asmoche blake boge as shall fur the same Item thre yerde of blake sattyn for a doublet Item nyne yerde of blake sattyn for a jakquet and asmoche whyte boge as shall fur the same And these our l[et]res shalbe yo[u]r sufficient warraunte and discharge in that behalf. Geven undre o[u] signet at o[u]r manour of Grenewiche the xxvith daye of June the iiijth yere of o[u]r regne.
'To our trusty and welbiloved s[er]vante S[i]r Andrewe wyndesore knyght kep[er] of o[u]r great wardrobe.'
[Endorsed in the same hand] 'xtropher vyncent'.

The Master of the Great Wardrobe occupied a position in the government of the British royal household, and was responsible for providing clothing and textiles for the royal family. The post and various subsidiary positions were abolished in 1782.
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