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PROCTOR, Richard Anthony (1837-1888). Astronomer & science writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to [William] Charles Kent (1823-1902, editor of The Sun), 2 pages 8vo with envelope, 2 North Road, Clapham Park, 20 August 1873. Sending a new photograph to be used in place of the one published which shows a fierce visage ('probably agreeing with the popular conception of me as an energetic disputant').
'... I do not think this is a mere fancy. It looks to me as though the engraver had allowed the enlarged copy from which he traced to slip as the work proceeded so that the lower part of the face was thrown forward, giving a sneering contemptuous look which I hope is not customary with me. ...'

[No: 25201]

The image shows the second page only.

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