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CHARLES I (1600-1649). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Doc s ('Charles R' at the head), 1 page folio on paper (laid down on thin card), no place, no date [ca 1641-1643]. A fishing licence with blanks left for the names of the grantee and his vessel and for the date and place of signing.
It would appear that the king had signed a number of blank licences and that the full details were supplied by others when convenient. Nevertheless we are not aware of any other such licence having been sold in recent years.
 Countersigned at the foot by (Sir) B[althazar] Gerbier (1592-1663/1667), art agent, miniature painter, architect, friend of Rubens and courtier, at about this time master of ceremonies to Charles I, although in what precise capacity he may have signed the document is not clear.
'Wee are graciously pleased by theise presents to grant licence to [blank] to fish w[i]th the men and company belonging to a shipp or vessell called the [blank] being of the burthen of [blank] Tonnes upon any of o[u]r Coasts or Seas of Great Brittaine, Ireland, and the rest of the Islands adjacent, where usually heretofore any Fishing hath bene. And this our Licence to Continue for one whole yeare from the date hereof. Willing and requiring aswell all our subjects as others of what nation, quality, or condition soever That they give no impeachment or molestation to the said [blank] or his Companie in the said Vessell, in the execution of this o[u]r Licence. Upon such paines and punishments as are to be inflicted upon the violaters of o[u] Royal protection, and the willfull breakers of our peace in Our aforesaid dominions and jurisdictions. Further requiring and commanding all our Admiralls, Vice Admiralls, Rere Admiralls and Captains, of our Shippes, Castles, and Forts, to protect and assist the said [blank] in the quiet enjoying the benefitt of this o[u]r Licence Given [thereafter blank].'

[No: 25177]

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