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NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820-1910). Reformer of nursing.
Autograph Letter Signed [to Elizabeth Herbert, widow of Sidney Herbert] ('Dearest'), 3½ pages 8vo, 35 South Street, Park Lane, 1 August 1868. Written for the 7th anniversary of the death of Sidney Herbert, recalling that sad day, complaining of exhaustion, and asking for assitance in negotiating the re-opening of the 'Hospital of the nuns who served your husband'.
'... I feel now how the extra overwork (I am always overworked) of the last 18 months has told on me. the fact is: I had to be moved from South Street & to "disappear" & even not to have my letters given me ...
 'The order has come from Rome to re-open the Hospital of the nuns who served your husband (in Great Ormond Street). Perhaps we are indebted to you for this. But it is not yet re-opened. They are still hassling about money with the nuns - wanting to cut them down, after having invited them there as a Community .. A word from you would set this right. ...'
The bond between Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Herbert was strong from their first meeting in Rome in 1847, further strengthened by working together on committees and by consoling one another after Herbert's death. Miss Nightingale assisted at the birth of one of the Herbert children and maintained an interest in their welfare. It was Sidney Herbert who had persuaded Florence to take a party of female nurses to Scutari in 1854, and she deeply respected and revered him, keeping his death date (2 August) annually throughout the rest of her own life.
A note in the recipient's hand states that the letter refers to 'my sad anniversary & Herbert Meade's death'.
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