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LEAR, Edward (1812-1888). Artist and nonsense poet.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Sir John] Simeon, 4 pages 8vo, on his writing paper c/o Mr. R.J. Bush, 32 Charing Cross, as from Maison Guichard, Cannes, 26 December 1869. The letter, which 'I shall divide into eds', thanks Simeon for the introduction to the Seely family, heaps extravagent praise on Mrs Seeley and urges the Simeon's to let her villa in Cannes.
'... I do not think I have known any one person so recently as I have Mrs Seely, who has given me so full an idea of extreme goodness. If religious dogmas of original depravity be true at all, why then it seems to me Mrs Seely has been overlooked in that remarkable arrangement. ...'
 '... Was there even an instance of a man writing to another, offering a house after such a fashion by unauthorized proxy? No: but that does not prove that there are not exceptions to ordinary life, & this is one, I believe, when all parties are trustful & trustworthy, even if one of the 3 be a foolish poet painter. ...'

£1250 [No: 25142]
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