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HOOKER, Sir Joseph Dalton (1817-1911). Botanist and traveller.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Fitch' [perhaps one of the botanical illustrators of that name], 2 pages 16mo, Kew Gardens (blind stamp,) 9 January 1884.
'I will again call Mr Dyer's attention to the subject. I did so a fornight ago & he said it should have his immediate attention.
 Dr Balfour is in the act of being married! I think
on this day in Glasgow.'
Sir William Turner Thisleton-Dyer (1843-1928, botanist) had worked for Hooker at Kew, and had been recommended by his for work in London. Isaac (later Sir Isaac) Bayley Balfour (1853-1922, botanist) married Agnes Boyd, daughter of Robert Balloch, a Glasgow merchant, in 1884.
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