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MAUPASSANT, Guy de (1850-1893). French writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed lady ('Madame'), 1 page 8vo (small nick not affecting the text), 14 Avenue Victor Hugo [Paris], no date [?January 1890].
Explaining that he was unable to attend her last Thursday salon as he made the mistake of taking an open carriage and was smitten with neuralgia on arrival; he adds that he will shortly be leaving Paris for the Cote d'Azur, as he has a novel coming out and wants to avoid all the fuss it will generate in the capital
 Maupassant moved to 14 avenue Victor Hugo in November 1889, and in January 1890 went to the Cote d'Azur for 2 months. The novel to which he refers may therefore be La Vie errante, an account of travels in Algeria and Tunisia, which appeared in instalments from January 1890 and in book form in March that year. The severe headaches from which he suffered were a symptom of the syphilis which would lead to his premature death four years later
'I went over to Boulogne [the suburb of Paris, not the Channel port] the other day, but made the mistake of taking an open carriage, with the result that by the time I got to your front door I had one of my neuralgia attacks, and I had to turn tail and go straight back to Paris without greeting you.I would have been more careful next Thursday, but I shall have left Paris the following Thursday. I am going to the South of France. I have a novel coming out, and I have decided to flee the capital as I can't bear hearing it talked about.' [Translation]

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