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EDWARD VIII (1894-1972). King of Great Britain and Ireland etc. Abdicated in 1936.
Long Autograph Letter Signed ('Edward P.') to 'My dear Tommy', 6 pages small 4to (slight splits at the folds), Craigmyle, Sunningdale, 'Sunday', no date. A chatty letter covering a range of subjects and mentioning Freda (Winifred) Dudley Ward, the prince's mistress from 1918 to 1934.
'I do feel so terrible badly over not having answered you two letters before. I feel so ashamed that the least I can do now is to say that I most certainly will attend the Amateur Boxing Assn. meeting in aid of that most admirable organisation.
'The Pro Patria Day Nurseries I just dont dare refuse that's all however much I may be breaking into the rules my unfortunately Private secty. has laid down (on my behalf) re charitable entertainments. I'm getting a bit afraid of both you & Fredie so that if you will suggest some dates in Oct (
not Saturdays) I will be right along thank goodness Fredie is returning to London this week. I was twice at Le Touquet but it will be good to have her back again.
'It must have been pleasant at Dunrobin & I wish I could get there as Rosie was kind enough to ask me. But my plans are very uncertain & I dont know if I'll be able to get up North at all. I've been playing a lot of golf & could give Bruce Lockhart a better game now I believe.
' I await the proposal of some dates for the Boxing.'

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