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EDWARD VII (1841-1910). King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Good series of 7 Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs Rupert Beckett (Muriel), 5 pages 8vo and 4 correspondence cards, Marlborough House, Sandringham & Down Place, 1899-1902 where dated The letters themselves are not completely dated but there are three envelopes, two of which have dated postmarks, and two of the letters are signed as king.
An attractive series of letters in fine and clean condition, thanking her for a photograph of herself (and reciprocating with his own), accepting an invitation to visit her 'in the Country', sending her a Jockey Club ticket, conveying best wishes for a speedy recovery on hearing of her serious accident, thanking her for remembering his birthday and mentioning the visit by the German Emperor, sending her a Christmas present, etc.
 Together with letters to Mrs Beckett from Charles Thomas Ritchie (1838-1906, home secretary), two, immediately following the death of Queen Victoria; George Wyndham (1863-1939, politician), two with one to Berkeley; Sir Austen Chamberlain (1863-1937, politician); St John Brodrick (later earl of Midleton, 1856-1942, politician), three letters; and two others.
[No: 25032]

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