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DOUGLAS, Lord Alfred Bruce (1870-1945). Poet and biographer. Friend of Oscar Wilde.
Series of three Autograph Letters Signed to Mr Orme, 5 pages 8vo and 4to (a little worn), St Anne's Court, Hove, and the Shelleys Hotel, Lewes, 1937 and 1938. Discussing his own ill health and fear of operations, visits to his nephew Francis Queensberry, his inhopistality etc.
'For the past three days I have been worrying about my rudeness to you when you came to see me ... I reproached you for throwing cigarette ashes in the hearth! ... I am at last better & can now eat without feeling sick! I am going up to my nephew Francis Queensberry for two nights tomorrow. ...'
'... when the surgeon, Professor Pannett, saw me & examined me this afternoon at about 2-30, he told me it was
not necessary or advisable for me to have the operation! He said the rupture was only a small one & that there was no danger of strangulation. ... I was lying there (having gone into the hospital at 6 pm the night before) like a lamb for the slaughter & feeling in a blue funk ...'

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The image is of one page only.

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