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ESSEX, Robert Devereux, Second earl of (1565-1601). Soldier and politician. Favourite of Queen Elizabeth I.
Autograph Letter Signed ('R Essex') to his friend Richard Bagot (ca 1530-1597), 1 page folio with address-leaf (corner cut away), n.p, 8 June, dated '1588' in pencil in a modern hand. Asking Bagot to intervene in favour of Essex's friend Fulke Greville (1554-1628, Baron Brooke).
'Mr Bagot. / I understand that ther is a com'ission gone downe into the country, in a case wherin I do lend myself to helping Cosin Foulk Grevill to a good bargin and you are one of the commissioners that are to deale in this cause. I pray you therfore take knowledge, that both I with my cosin Greville sowell as I do accompt his causes as they were mine owne, and allso I have in this speciall matter determined to yield him all the help I can for to make him be an easie tenaunt to the q[een] and therfor for those respectes show him that favour you can for both I will be witnes of your love towardes me and a thing as acceptable as any you can do for me. ...'
The letter relates to the purchase or lease of land at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire. A further letter from Essex to Bagot on this subject, dated 21 September 1588 is in the Folger Shakespeare Library.
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