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The image shows one letter only.

POSTON, Elizabeth (1905-1987). Composer.
Two Autograph Letters Signed and a Typewritten Letter Signed to E.J. King Bull at the BBC, in all 3 pages 8vo (oblong), Rooks Nest, Stevenage, Herts, 23 to 29 January 1952. Evidently King Bull had sent a poem, entitled Swing to her which she is keen to set to music. She wishes to discuss it with King Bull.
'... It seems to me eminently right for music, & the possibilities are thrilling: exciting and novel things suggested themselves, & a shape. The problem is one of approach: how best to envisage possible resources & 'placing', since any contemporary work depends nowadays on a practical appreciation of both. ...'

[No: 24998]

The image shows one letter only.

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