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CASALS, Pablo (1876-1973). Spanish cellist.
2 Autograph Letters Signed in French (one signed 'Pablo & Guilhermina [Suggia]') to Emánuel Moór in Switzerland, 1907 and 1908. Announcing the great success of 'le double' in Moscow (six curtain calls), sending friendly greetings, agreeing a date, etc.
Moór is perhaps best known as the inventor of a pianoforte with two keyboards, enabling the performer to reach intervals not possible on the conventional instrument. He was, however, a considerable composer, especially in his early years, and was particularly fond of the cello, for which he wrote at least two concertos (the second dedicated to Casals), a sonata (opus 55, no.2) and a suite (for 4 cellos, opus 95).
 Casals, the dedicatee of several of his works, was particularly friendly with Moór. Between 1906 and 1912 (the time of these letters) he had formed a liaison with the cellist Guilhermina suggia, who had been his pupil. Suggia is of course well known, apart from her playing, from the portrait of her by Augustus John (1923).
[No: 24981]

The image shows one side of each card.

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