BALFOUR, Arthur James, 1st Earl of, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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BALFOUR, Arthur James, 1st Earl of (1848-1930). Prime Minister 1902-1905.
Typewritten Letter Signed ('Balfour') to [Sir Henry] Newbolt, 1 page 4to (unrelated pencilled notes and sketches on the verso), 4 Carlton Gardens, Pall Mall, 29 July 1927. Asking Newbolt whether he ought to consider supporting the Authors' Club.
'The Authors Club - or at least its Secretary - are most persistent people! They have declined to accept the refusal which I sent to their invitation to dine with them on October third, and now ask me for next February!! I do not love public dinners; but I do love literature. Do you think any good purpose would be served by such support as I can give to this particular literary institution?'
The Authors' Club was founded by Sir Walter Besant in 1891 and numbered among its early members such writers as George Meredith, Jerome K. Jerome, E.M. Forster, Compton Mackenzie, Thornton Wilder and Somerset Maugham. It continues to flourish today.
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