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BARRY, Sir Charles (1795-1860). Architect of the Houses of Parliament etc.
Autograph Letter Signed to H.A. Darbishire of 4 Trafalgar Square, 1 page 8vo with envelope, Old Palace Yard, 12 February 1857. Telling him that he had (with 'great pleasure') signed Darbishire's card at the Athenaeum, i.e. his entry in the candidates register.
Barry had been elected to the Athenaeum in 1836, one of the earliest successes of his career having been his design for the Traveller's Club, 1829, the adjacent building in Pall Mall. He also designed the Reform Club (1838-1841), on the west side of the Travellers'. The Athenaeum records do not show Darbishire as having been a member, and it is possible that his candidature was not successful.
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