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COLLECTION Accumulation of ca 70 ALS etc. from a collection made by A.M. Broadley.
The letters, many of a political nature and the majority from peers (and one or two ladies), cover a broad spectrum of subject matters, ca 1790-1820. Many relate to military matters, particularly advancement, and several are, inevitably, of a social nature. The condition is generally good, though the majority show signs on having been formerly mounted.
T.B. Macaulay (to Lord Carlisle), 29 May 1852; Duke of Gloucester (third person) to Lord Glenburvie, 30 June 1804; Lady Holland (third person), no date; Edward Law [Lord Ellenborough], good Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Harrison re Catholic emancipation etc., 5 pages 4to, 1811; Lord Shaftesbury, Autograph Letter Signed to Joseph Hill, watermark 1805; Lord Roxburghe re Thomas Paine, 1792; William Frederick (Duke of Gloucester), long Autograph Letter Signed; Lord John Russell, Autograph Letter Signed 1844; Alessandro Gavazzi, autograph aphorism, 1854; Lord Spencer, 3 Autograph Letters Signed, 1833, 1841 & no date; Francis Burdett, Autograph Letter Signed, 1839; Lord Brougham, Autograph Letter Signed, 1869; Lord Lansdowne, Autograph Letter Signed to G.A. Ellis; Bishop of Salisbury, Autograph Letter Signed, 1847; Lord de Dunstanville, Autograph Letter Signed to Richard Westmacott, 1832; Henry Milman, Autograph Letter Signed, 1868; Lord Morpeth, Autograph Letter Signed 1829; Lord Houghton (Monckton Milnes), Autograph Letter Signed, 1867; Lord Monteagle (Spring Rice), Autograph Letter Signed, 1839; Lord Lyndhurst, Autograph Letter Signed, 1837; W[illiam] Russell, long Autograph Letter Signed about his command etc., 1813; Lord St Leonards (Sugden), Autograph Letter Signed to Mogford, 1854; The Archbishop of York, Autograph Letter Signed no date; duc de Guise, Autograph Letter Signed to an English peer, London, 1843; Lord Fitzwilliam, Autograph Letter Signed to J Forbes Royle, 1847; Augustus Hely Hutchinson, Autograph Letter Signed, 1827; Albin Body, Autograph Letter Signed on a postcard to Broadley, 1903; Sir Samuel Romilly, Autograph Letter (third person), 1813; Duke of Marlborough, brief note, 1802; Lord Caledon, Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Harrison, 1821; Lord Cleveland, Autograph Letter Signed, no date; James Harris, Earl of Malmesbury, Autograph Letter Signed 1846; Lord Boringdon, Autograph Letter Signed 1803; Lord Clarendon, Autograph Letter Signed, 1840; Lord Winchilsea, Autograph Letter Signed to Granville, 1817; Charles Stuart (Baron Stuart de Rothesay), Autograph Letter Signed in French, 1828; Lord Conyngham, Autograph Letter Signed to Robert Peel, 1823; Lord Hawkesbury, Autograph Letter Signed, 1794; Lord Ellenborough, Autograph Letter (third person), 1818; Lady Ellenborough, Autograph Letter (third person), watermark 1816; David Erskine, Earl of Buchan, Autograph Letter Signed, 1802; Lord Eldon, Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Charles Wetherell, 1831; Henry Thornton, Autograph Letter Signed, 1792; Lord Hardwicke, Autograph Letter Signed to Thomas Harrison, 1808; Lord Digby, Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Sidmouth (Addington), 12 April 1815, Lord Harrowby, Autograph Letter Signed to a duke, 1827; Lord Glenbervie, long Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Auckland (about the accident in which Miss Cholmondeley was killed), 4 pages 4to, 1806; Edward Montagu, 5th Lord Rokeby, Autograph Letter Signed to his brother Henry, Cairo, 9 March 1839; the Bishop of Winchester, Autograph Letter Signed (from Parnham Castle), 1803; Lord Mount Edgcumbe, Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Hawkesbury, 1808; Lord Dorset, Letter Signed, 1786; the Duchess of Richmond, Autograph Letter Signed 1775; Thomas Peregrine Courtenay, Autograph Letter Signed, 1830; the Duc de Choiseul, Autograph Letter Signed, no date; Lord Sheffield, Autograph Letter (third person), 1793; the Dowager Countess of Sheffield, Autograph Letter (third person), watermark 1827; Lord Auckland, Autograph Letter (third person) re Cobbett's Register, 1804 ; the Duke of Richmond, Autograph Letter Signed, 1765; the Duke of Montagu ('Mountague'), autograph note to Edward Dummer re Dugdale, no date; the Marquess of Cholmondeley, Autograph Letter Signed, 1800; the Duc de Choiseul, Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Smith, auctioneer, 1797; Lord Mount Edgcumbe, Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mr Dundass', 1792. With a few others and small engraved portraits, of Thomas Dibdin (with signature), Marshal Keith, Charles II, Queen Victoria, George III, and Marie Antoinette.
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