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CANOVA, Antonio (1757-1822). Italian sculptor.
Autograph Letter Signed to ('il vostro amico vero C.') to 'Signora Teresa', 1½ pages 4to with address on the second side, Paris, 25 October 1815.
Informing her that he has spoken to Prince Metternich and given him the memorandum for 'T' as promised, with a view to obtaining for him the fine arts position held by Andreotti; having received a favourable response from the secretary, he thinks that 'T' will be hired on Metternich's arrival in Italy and that he should aim to be in Rome for Holy Week, adding that he himself has to travel to London, but on his return is happy to be of further assistance if necessary.
Provenance: from a collection formed by A.M. Broadley in 1903.
[No: 24940]

The image is of the first side only.

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