COWARD, Sir Noël, letters, autographs, documents, manuscripts

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COWARD, Sir Noël (1899-1973). Actor, playwright, composer, lyricist, painter, & author.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Melville, 2½ pages 8vo (evidence of former mounting in the margin), Goldenhurst Farm, Aldington, Kent, 12 June 1931. Crying off attending her show on the grounds that he is in the country 'working against time on my new show for Drury Lane'.
In 1931, Coward's Cavalcade opened in Drury Lane. It was instantly beloved of the public and scorned by his friends and critics who felt that Coward had betrayed his connection with the common man. Beverley Nichols called it 'the finest essay in betrayal since Judas Iscariot'.
[No: 24923]

The image shows the first page only.

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