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Bloody Mary orders a fine uniform for her plumber

MARY I (1516-1558). Queen of England and Ireland.
Document Signed ('Marye the quene' at the head), addressed to Sir Edward Waldegrave, 1 page 4to (oblong) on vellum, Palace of Westminster, 22 June [1557]. A small document, as is usual for Mary, possibly very slightly trimmed at the edges without loss of text, 150 x 200 mm. (6 x 8 inches), countersigned by Waldegrave, with neat later endorsement.
A royal warrant ordering the livery of her plumber and naming four of her residences, Newhall (north of Chelmsford), Hunsdon (northwest of Harlow), which partly survives, Havering-atte-Bower and Pirgo or Pyrgo.
 The plumber would have been responsible for all work in lead on the various buildings, comprising a considerable amount used in roof coverings, drainpipes and conduits etc. The Wordshipful Company of Plumbers was one of the original livery companies of London in 1515.
'We woll and com'aunde youe upon the sighte hereof to delyver or cause to be delyvered unto paule Bocher - oure plumer attendinge oure workes frome tyme to tyme as neyde shall requyre at o[u]r howses of newehalle hunsden. haveringe at bowre and pyrgo withe in o[u]r Counties of Essex and hertford yearely frome hensforthe during o[u]r pleasure at or against overy Feaste of Saynt John Baptiste theis p[ar]cells followinge First thre yerdes of read clothe for a Coate at xd the yerd and two yerdes of velvett for gardinge the same coat at xvd the yerd for the enbrauderinge of the said coat withe o[u]r l[ett]res of M and .R. upon the breast and the backe foure shillinges and theis o[u] l[ett]res shalbe youre sufficient warraunt and dischardge in this behalf geven undre o[u]r signe manuell at o[u]r palace of Westm[inster] the xxth day of June in the fourthe yeare of oure Reigne.'
Sir Edward Waldegrave˙(1516/17-1561, courtier and administrator), an Essex landowner, had become one of Mary's inner circle and had been rewarded for his loyalty following the succession crisis of 1553 with a knighthood and the keepership of the great wardrobe. Following Mary's death he, not unnaturally, fell out of favour with Elizabeth I and was executed for his recusancy at the Tower on 1 September 1561. The document is addressed at the foot:
'To o[u]r Trustye and Righte Welbiloved Councellor S[i]r Edward Waldegrave knighte master of o[u]r greate warderobe or to the M[aste]r of the same great warderobe that hereafter for the tyme shalbe.'

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