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KIPLING, Rudyard (1865-1936). Author.
Fine early Autograph Letter Signed to a publisher, 1½ pages large 8vo (lightly tipped to the remains of an album leaf), The Dunmore, New York, 21 March 1893. Sending the proof of verses and giving detailed and careful instructions as to the printing etc.
It would appear that the publisher was in England since Kipling deletes the word 'registered' in the first sentence and clearly implies that delays in the post will make it impossible for him to see a further proof.
'... I cannot apologize for sending in so foul proof - but may I ask you to see that it is read carefully as there is no chance of a revise? I don't at all like the type for the sub-heading. It's too large but that is a thing to be settled according to office tradition. ...'
Kipling also complains that the compositors had taken liberties with his intentions, and adds a note on legal matters among other things:
'I assume from your accepting the thing that you will not copyright it: for that, as you will remember, was one of my conditions and I do not wish there to be any misunderstanding on this head. ...'

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