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CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Spencer (1874-1965).
Early Autograph Letter Signed to B[ernard] Holland ('Private'), 1 page 8vo, heading indistinct, 17 April 1906. Agreeing to see Mr Williams on his return to London and referring to [Alfred Beit].
'Certainly I will see Mr. Williams when I return to London, if you will arrange an appointment for me. Whether I can help him is another matter. I know Beit indeed - but am I likely to be a good ambassador in that quarter now?'
Alfred Beit (1853-1906) was a mining magnate and philanthropist who left large sums in his will following his death in July 1906, particularly to charities in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Churchill was at this time serving as under-secretary in the Colonial Office in the administration of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman. A controversy was at this time raging about the employment of indentured Chinese labourers in the mines of the Rand. Churchill was strongly in favour of their repatriation.
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