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CAMDEN, John Jeffreys Pratt, Marquis of (1759-1840). Politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to [John] Hoppner (1758-1810, portrait painter), 1 page 4to with address-leaf (hand delivered), Arlington Street, 24 January 1806. Asking the artist to send him a copy of his portrait of [William] Pitt (Pitt the younger, 1759-1806).
'As you must be aware of the very old & constant friendship which subsisted between Mr Pitt & me & my infinite grief at his Loss - I cannot avoid urging you to complete with all the anxiety which I am sure this communication will inspire the Copy I am to have of Mr Pitts Picture.'
Oxford DNB records that 'Among the personal mementoes which passed to Pitt's friends were copies, executed by the artist, of John Hoppner's portait of 1805, the last likeness for which Pitt had sat.
 Several portraits of Camden himself were executed during his lifetime, by Gainsborough, Reynolds, Chantrey, Dighton and others. An oil by Hoppner executed in the year of this letter (1806) is at the Camden family seat of Bayham Abbey, Sussex, now in the hands of English Heritage.
Provenance: from a collection formed by A.M. Broadley in 1903.
[No: 24793]

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