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DARWIN, Charles (1809-1882). Naturalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Holland (Saba, wife of Sir Henry Holland), 2 pages 8vo with autograph envelope, Down, Farnborough, Kent, 4 December 1854. Thanking her for a 'provisional' gift, apparently of a book, and promising to show it only to two of his Wedgwood relations.
'I really hardly know how to thank you sufficiently for your most kind provisional present. - I will try & be worthy of it. ...
 'It shall not go out of my House, except to Elizabeth Wedgwood, and, I am sure you will allow me to add my aunt Mrs. S. Wedgwood, who lives in this village, & who is the most scrupulous person in the world, as I think Sir Henry must know her well enough to have perceived.'
Saba Holland (1802-1866) was the daughter of Sydney Smith (1771-1845, author and wit). she had married the physician Henry (later Sir Henry) Holland as his second wife in 1834.
Although Darwin and Sir Henry evidently maintained a close friendship and regular correspondence (twenty-three letters from Holland to Darwin are known, although only two in the other direction) no letters to Saba seem to have previously come to light, and the present example is appartenly unpublished. See The Darwin Project.
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The image is of the second page only.

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