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CHARLES II (1630-1685). King of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Document Signed, 1½ pages folio with integral leaf bearing contemporary endorsements (some wear and weakness, tipped to a later sheet, Whitehall, 14 January 1679/80. Announcing the termination of copper six penny and two penny pieces in Scotland .
The king also exonerates General Charles Maitland, Sir James Falconer, Master of the Scottish Mint, and Alexander Maitland, Warden of the Mint, and their substitutes for the copper coins minted by them since 1 May 1677.
 Countersigned by John Maitland, first Duke of Lauderdale, and with a note signed by William Paterson on the second page acknowledging the recording of the exoneration the books of the Privy Council.
[No: 24703]

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