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PEPYS, Samuel (1633-1703). Diarist.
Letter Signed to the Clerk of the Cheque and storekeeper at Chatham, 1 page folio, Navy Office, 5 January 1668/9. Signed also by William Penn, father of the founder of Pennysylvania, and Sir John Mennes.
'Whereas wee have ordered the takeing off of the Defiance's head in order to her remoovall to the place where shee is to be laid. Wee doe heerby pray & require you according to the duty of your places to take care that the said head with the Iron worke and what else belongs thereunto be duely brought into his Ma[jes]t[y']s stores under your charge as the same shalbe taken of, and there laid up for his Ma[jes]t[y']s further use thereof as occasion shall offer. And for soe doeing this shalbee your warrant. ...'
The Defiance, a third rater, had been destroyed in a fire at Chatham in December 1668 caused by a gunner allowing a girl to carry fire into his cabin. The culprit was sentenced in March to stand on the Charles for three hours 'with his fault writ upon his breast and with a halter about his neck, and so be made incapable of any office. The truth is, the man doth seem, and is I believe, a good man; but his neglect ... is not to be pardoned.' [Diary, vol. ix, page 499]
[No: 24668]

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